Cooperative in sustainable industrial solutions, we lift it up.....

Being a provider to us, is working together to lift-up (digital) transformation. 


Digital industrial companies fuels economic growth in the connected 21st century. Entrepreneurs need more than access to capital to scale and grow.

They need strategic partners who can provide access to potential workforce, customers, expertise, intellectual property, and more. 

Partnering to lead and define the future.....
Trade in Services B.V.,,,

When our unique market insights identify opportunities we combine external intellectual property, Kloeys resources, and partners to develop market disrupting ideas and technologies.

New development is challenging, costly and time-consuming. In today’s fast-paced world, we use partnering to develop new and better ways to set our strategy. Therefor we are effective, as creating the intellectual property itself. 

A extended network of entrepreneurial experts.....
Trade in Services B.V.,,,

Harnesses the power of Kloeys to build successful businesses that are primed for large-scale impact. Our businesses are rooted in a shared purpose to help the world work better. But purpose without action is not enough.           


Our team including an extended network of entrepreneurial experts uses operational rigor to create businesses that thrive in the real world, whether as part of the company or on their own.

Sharing the future of our businesses and communities.....
Trade in Services B.V.,,,

Seeding the future of our businesses and communities is key to us. New market development represents Kloeys bold commitment to scout, share and drive early stage breakthroughs.

Our focused initiatives aim to provide a pipeline to secure the future of Kloeys businesses and its clients.

The ultimate goal is to transform industries and improve lives.  

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